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What is this blog about?

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My name is Mimi and I am the editor of the Live Forever how to blog. Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

What is this blog about?

There is only one authority on living forever and to find out about eternal life I decided to go to The Authority. I did not visit any churches or synagogues to find out about everlasting life. I did not speak to any scholars or religious leaders to discover everything there is to know about heaven. Why didn’t I ask any worldly scholars or religious leaders about the ever after? I didn’t do this, because I don’t want the issue muddled. I don’t want other people’s opinions and interpretations clouding the issue.

There is only One who knows

There is only One who knows and He wrote a manual. This manual is easily understood by the average layperson who has genuine interest and takes the time to read it, and this book really does not need a massive amount of interpreting. This howto manual is freely available to all of us and I’ll be quoting from this manual, which is also known as the bible.

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According to God’s Word

This blog is about living forever according to GOD’s Holy Word; sola scriptura. Not according to my own personal opinion or anyone else’s opinion either, but simply looking at what scripture tells us about living forever. We all have an idea, or more accurately stated; we all have a personal opinion of some kind, of what heaven is all about. But the intention of my blog is that I note wherever in the bible references are made to the words  ‘living forever’ and variants thereof, so that eventually an understanding will emerge of what this is all about.

What we’re after is for an understanding to emerge, not according to our own idea; not according to our own personal opinion, but according to God’s Holy Word. Please remember not to get me into trouble and read my disclaimer with regards to my authority on this matter.

Thank you LORD!

Over the past decade I’ve reflected on issues of life and death because of various close calls and because, days before he took his own life, my favourite cousin asked me, ‘How long do you expect to live for?’

I started this blog because … I am still alive!

Praise to GOD, thank you LORD for answering our prayers. Yep, GOD made me laugh alright! My entire life has been rebuild with the help of my faith and specifically GOD’s Word.

I doubt that I need credentials to be grateful and share with the people close to me, but I dug deep and found some just the same to share with anyone who wants to hear about my qualifications. I love nothing better than to share the joy, love and peace which my family and I enjoy because of the blessings of GOD’s Word. I truly am head over heels.

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