Our mission statement

O taste and see that the Lord is good. Mosaic House is committed to share the love, joy, comfort, hope, encouragement, guidance, healing, prosperity and blessings which the Good Word offers; always ready at your fingertips.

Please read the full story

I urge all visitors to read the full story. This website offers some of my favourite Scripture verses in packs of 24 to provide comfort and blessings. The Scripture designs offered on this site are just a tiny taste of what the bible offers. I strongly recommend for all visitors to read the full story.

My faith and the Holy Word have literally kept me alive and turned my life around for the better and for these reasons I like to make some of my favourite verses available in easy-on-the-eye designs to ‘whosoever will’ at an affordable price. I’ve benefited much from having God’s Word available to me in a format which I could carry around in a handbag, a wallet, a pocket and place in front of my bathroom mirror and next to my bedside light. For people who like electronic gadgets we are also looking into digital downloads and hope to have these available soon.