Do you like the designs for our scripture cards? Would you like to submit one of your own designs to see if we can incorporate your design in one of our packages or use on our free scripture ecard site?

Free entry

If you like to try your hand at creating a design for Mosaic House you can do so by entering our competition. Entry is for all age groups, and it is free!

Winning entries will be displayed

All winning entries will be displayed on our free scripture ecard site with your name and/or business printed on the card.


We’ll start our first competition in a few months with the book of Genesis. Any verse in the book of Genesis can be chosen to create a design for.


All designs, and this includes the fonts and backgrounds must be free for commercial use. None of the designs can feature any kind of image other than words or abstracts. Any hint of any image will disqualify the design. The only other parameter is that the font must be easy to read and the bible version used must be either King James or Youngs Literal Translation or WEB so as not to infringe on copyrights.

Every week a winner and a price!

Every week a winner will be picked and receive a free download of one of our packs. Every month a winner will be picked and receive a hard copy of 24 scripture cards. The honorary mention will be picked by the staff of Mosaic House and receive a free download of one of our slideshows or another surprise gift.