How it all began.

In 1965 a little girl lays in bed at night telling stories to her brothers and sisters in adjoining rooms. This little girl aspires to become a missionary till she reads that missionaries on occasion are guest of honour at lavish banquets involving the consumption of live grubs and regurgitated delicacies.

A love of story telling

Her love for story telling means that her own daughters are often entertained with tales of family dynasty fates and fortunes. Such as the occasion where auntie Loulou’s husband returned home from another one of his ‘business’ trips to find his residence occupied by a different family altogether. Or Nanny’s swift rebuke to the teasing of other children in the orphanage with; I do have a Father, mine lives in Heaven. But we’re getting sidetracked here.

Nearly half a century later, this not so little girl anymore, has with the help of her faith and her Creator’s love and mercy overcome several car accidents and medical emergencies, which according to her physicians ordinarily would have seen her expire by now.  Instead of meeting with her Maker she’s left with lotsa bits and pieces.

Overflowing baskets

Her favourite teacher tells her to, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.  With the assistance of family, friends and overflowing baskets filled with hope and fragments she’s now building her house, Mosaic House.

Our Scripture cards.

During my darkest hours I would turn the pages of my bible and always find hope and encouragement and reassurance in GOD’s Holy Word. However, with my brain foggy and all kinds of ailments I would often forget these verses whenever I needed them. I got into the habit of writing my favourites down but my hands and shoulders regularly caused me grief. Eventually I typed up a collection of my favourite verses and printed them up on A4 sheets and cut them out in little squares. These precious little bits of paper would accompany me wherever I went.

God’s Word went with me into the doctor’s office, on the car’s dashboard, in my pockets and handbag, stuck to my bathroom mirror and leaning against my bedside light. I remember having bits and pieces of paper with God’s Word scribbled on it in my hospital bed. Oh the joy, to finally have these encouraging favourite Scripture verses around me whenever I needed them.

A present for our Nanny.

Eventually I made some scripture cards for my children too and encouraged them to make some themselves. Then my brood helped me make some pretty ones for their eighty year old Nanny. And Collette, their Nanny, just liked them so much that I couldn’t help but promise her to make some more. And so we did and then some more and some more because, by now, her friends like these Scripture cards too.

All Collette says, every time she receives another pack, ‘These verses are so wonderful and comforting, I just love them so much, I cannot get enough of them. I have them everywhere throughout the house; wherever I walk and sit, I can see some of them, I just love them.’ 

Long story short, we now have a store where anyone can get a hold of these wonderful pearls and share them around.

Message of love, peace, joy and blessings.

I love sharing stories and messages of good news. In today’s world of struggles and uncertainties, I can not think of a better way to spend my BONUS time than sending around messages of love, hope, joy comfort, guidance, healing, peace, guidance, prosperity and blessings.